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A Part Of Me Will Never Be Free

I Love You My Darling

This is Love

Mummy This Song Is For You

I wrote the song "Mummy This Song Is For You" and asked Charlotte Warren to sing on the C.D for charity. I saw Charlotte singing at the Spa in a summer show. I managed to contact Nik Martin who then composed, produced and recorded this song. This song is selling all over Yorkshire, plus its being downloaded as far away as Australia and Japan.

The story of all Ann's songs was in "Take a Break" on the 9th of July.

Ann also received a letter recently from the Prince William and Harry at St James Palace, thanking her for thinking of them and their late Mother. [Princess Diana].

Ann has received The Tremendous achievement award from Barnardo’s the children’s charity of which she is a volunteer and has been for 11 years. When Charlotte sings this song, she can make people cry, but be happy at the same time.

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