Ann Lowde's Beautiful, Uplifting Song Featuring Megan Rooker Delivers a Message of 'Love, Peace and Harmony'. Proceeds From the Downloads Will Go to BAAF

Ann with Megan

Ann Lowde is an accidental songwriter. She had the gift of writing but she was too busy living life, being a good daughter, wife, and mother to her family. Then a writer recognized her gift and she was encouraged to make more out of it. Ann started off selling her all-original poems at her website and suddenly, business was booming. She catered to a diverse clientele and a variety of occasions. But then tragedy struck.

Ann's dear father died and she was distraught beyond compare, she didn't know how to cope. In the end, she mustered enough courage to stand up again. She began writing a song and it even became for a while, the official song of her husband's favorite football club, Leeds United.

From then on, Ann has become a prolific songwriter, creating endearingly beautiful songs To date her latest release 'Love, Peace and Harmony' is a compelling and memorable track she wrote the words in 10 minutes, I feel they were God-given words that need to be heard', Ann says.. '

'Love, Peace and Harmony' has the right amount of optimism to lift spirits. With the help of musical composer Carl Stipetic from the production company My Own Album, Ann's words turned into a rich tapestry of hope and unity presented in a top-notch recording. Ann was introduced to a lovely 16-year-old singer, Megan Rooker, who won the East Yorkshire singing competition. 'She sings my words with such feeling - they come straight from her heart'. Combining Ann's wonderful message with Megan's impeccable interpretation, 'Love, Peace and Harmony' becomes a track worth listening too. In fact, proceeds from downloads of the track will go directly to British Association for Adoption and Fostering (BAAF). For more details, go to

At a recent event at the 02 Arena in London, she stood on stage and recited a poem Happiness that she had written 21 years ago, 'My passion is for every child to get a loving Mum and Dad.' Or at least to be in a loving family.

Megan Rocker CD Cover

Ann Lowde's 'Love, Peace and Harmony' sung by Megan Rooker is now available for download at iTunes, distributed by JMD Records and INgrooves, a partner of Universal Music Group.

You can watch the video and listen to the music video by clicking here.

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