This is the story of how my writing

first began

When I held my baby daughter in my arms I was so filled with love that I wrote a poem.

I was listening to the Irish singer Danniel O Donnell on my ear phones. He inspired me to write the poem and still does today.

As the words flowed I started to cry, the emotions were overwhelming.

That poem is still raising money for charity even today. Here are a few lines of that poem.


The feelings when we hold her are so deep and so strong

If anyone should ask us did we do right or wrong.

God gave us our baby is all we can say.

 In fact she was given to us in a very special way.

The way she looks up at us her eyes they do shine.

It proves that she’ll always think, ‘my parents are just fine’

She holds us round the neck so tight reluctant to leave go.

She must feel the very same way and truly love us so.

If you would like me to read the whole poem please get in touch.


I believe I was given a gift to share. So then started to write for friends and people who needed words for someone dear to them, or occasions in their lives.

Then I was introduced to someone, a professional writer, who said I had a gift for writing words.

 He said I could break that barrier between what people would dearly love to say, but can not.

 I then approached the local paper and asked if they could help me any way.

They agreed to write an article and I would then write a poem to correspond with the article, such as "Pet for Christmas" and "Don’t Drink and Drive". The "Don’t Drink and Drive" poem was then used by the Humberside Police force.

As time passed I started to build up a business - Personal Verses.

www.weddings sponsored me on their site and I wrote a poem for Stacey and Gareth in America, which is printed on their web site, for the entire world to see.

I write for anyone and any occasion. I have even written about a house to be printed in a book, and a speech for "Help for Heroes" that helped raise £8000.00 - (please see below).

I then felt my words should be put to better use. So I started writing books for charity with a few poems in, and raising money that way. The big break through came when I wrote a poem about Leeds United, my husband's favorite football team. He has always supported them. I read out the poem to my dad and he said: "Wouldn’t it be wonderful lass if they played it at Elland Road". That was passed off as a joke, then sadly, two weeks later he died suddenly and I couldn’t cope very well with the pain, because he had not been ill in any way. So along with Gary Luntley who wrote the music, we sent it off to Leeds United and they took it on as an official song. We sold 500 copies, Elland road shop even sold it for me.

Leeds united compare asked me to stand in the middle of the stadium while they played the song in memory of my dad. I felt heaven and earth connect and knew I could then cope and carry on with the rest of my life. That was the beginning of my song writing.


I was asked to write one about my home town Driffield, which of course I did - I like a challenge. That Song for Driffield raised £850.00 for Marie Curie Cancer Care and was sent as far as Australia and Canada. That C.D was created on my computer and people in the town helped it to be such a success.

I then continued to write 5 songs for the BBC "Children In Need Appeal 2007" and raised over £662.50 in just a few weeks. They are all of a country feel. The title song Children are the future plus the other four are all available to listen to on you tube. You can find the link on my music page.

The song out at the moment "Mummy This Song Is For You" has words taken from one of those songs, that I felt were very special words and should be heard in a different context. As I was sat at my computer I thought, from a child to its Mummy. Then the ball got rolling again and I found a friend's little girl. 10 year old Charlotte Warren who also sang in the Christmas pantomime along side Paul Daniels and Debbie Mc Gee. The music is written by award singer songwriter Nik Martin, who also composed and produced the song.

 The song was launched in August with all the proceeds going to a worthy cause "Barnardos" where I have been a volunteer in their shop for over 10 years now.

I have just received the tremendous achievement award from "Barnardos". I see all the good work done by the charity. I have received a letter from Prince Harry and Prince William, wishing me luck and thanking me for thinking of them by sending them our song, knowing they lost their Mum in such tragic circumstances. The song is selling all over Yorkshire and has been played on Radio stations across the region. We now need it to be heard and seen by everyone. Television would be the best idea. If any one out there could help that happen it would be much appreciated.

I really would like to raise the sum of £2000.00 which I have not yet achieved.


I have now written the two new songs that are on the music page, along with

"Mummy This Song Is For You". I feel that they are my best ones yet. A recording company is already interested in them. I enjoy writing and waiting for the words to come alive, with well written music etc.

This is a speech that I wrote for

"Help for Heroes"

The speech was read out at The Jarvis Hotel when all the armed forces held an auction evening and raised £8000.00

This speech has been published in



In October 2007, "Help for Heroes" was launched by a group of friends.

Their commitment and devotion to the cause, never ends.

Doing excellent work for the soldiers, servicemen and women everywhere.

Both directly and through other services, always showing that they care.

These brave people may have been wounded or injured in some way.

"Help for Heroes" is at hand to help them get by from day to day.


Supporting the wounded from the current conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq too.

Without this immediate help, unfortunately some would not know what to do.

Families of these wonderful people suffer so much.

It’s great that there is somewhere where they can keep in touch.


The funding benefits the Navy, Army and Royal air force.

It helps their families and friends, through the tough times of course.

"Help for Heroes" is mainly structured by caring volunteers

Although a few employees have been established over the years.

The idea is simple; money received is used straight away

Going to places and people who need it most every day.


Help for Heroes" is not political and does not criticize anyone.

It accepts that wars happen under any government, and let’s just get the job done.

Help these people who put their lives in danger again and again.

Their bravery and courage should be respected and their dignity remains.


Important events like tonight bring together people from all walks of life.

Royalty, celebrities and the next door neighbor and his wife.

We are all joining together tonight with one worthy cause in mind.

That’s to help those courageous servicemen and women not get left behind.


So let’s open our wallets and our heart.

Let’s get motivated and make a start.

Our servicemen and women deserve our help today

. They fight for our country and our freedom in some way.

Lads and lasses as young as 17 will be starting their career

Not realizing they could be facing horrific danger and fear.


We salute them and wish them well as their duties they carry out.

Dedication, commitment and loyalty, that’s what it’s all about,

So please give as much or as little as you dare.

To show these wonderful people and their families, that yes, we do really care!!

This poem has earnt me international acclaim

What will be will be.

Make every minute of the day a special one.

Treasure everything you see

Hold on to every breath you take

Because, what will be will be.

Life is too short to quarrel

Or hurt the ones we love.

Try to pray and thank God

For the blue sky up above

For the green grass and the flowers

For every animal, insect and bird

For the food on our tables

Or the music we have heard

Nothing is more beautiful

Than life itself, you see

So enjoy it to the full

Because, what will be will be.

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