Personal Verses for those Special Occasions

If you are not sure what to say, Ann will take the details and compose a verse especially for you in her own individual way.

Birthdays - Christmas - Anniversaries - Bereavement

For a verse on any subject, Ann is always here to help you.

For further information please Email Ann using the contact link above

or Phone: 01377 252192

Personal Verses Available for:

Christmas, Births, Christenings, Birthdays, Weddings, Engagements, Retirement, Leaving school or college,

Coming of age, being ordained, after dinner speeches written in verse, starting a new career,

Leaving home and starting a new life, Saying goodbye, Saying Thank you, Valentines, Get well, friendship.

Bereavement and Funeral verses,

Miscarriage or the loss of a child, the loss of a pet.

A verse for the terminally ill,

A verse for a lost one to cherish and remember them by.

Verses and Poems are available on any specific subject.

If you would like to hear more samples of verses please give me a call on the telephone number below.

Sample verses for a Birthday celebration

or a personal verse for different occasion:

"On the 21st Sept 1981, I looked down and saw two beautiful blue eyes"

"I fell in love with you straight away, which is really no surprise"

Then I write the verse, it can be as a life story,

Your feelings and emotions can be conveyed in a beautiful moving verse:

"We were married on 2nd October, saying ‘I do’.

Sweetheart", I have never regretted a day being married to you"

This is the beginning of a 25th Wedding Anniversary.

The verses are always individually written specifically for you.

Valentines or a love poem, Anniversary or even Wedding would be appropriate:

"I can still remember the day we met"

"Your loving eyes looking into mine, I never will forget"

This is the beginning of a verse to help someone get their loved one back,

As mentioned it can be for all other occasions as well.


All verses are around 200 words in length and still 25.00 posted

Or only 20.00 via Email

Personal Verses

For Extra Special Occasions

Please Phone:

Ann Lowde

01377 252192

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